About Dr. Zohrabian

Dr. Ara Zohrabian, D.C., graduated from the University of Portland with a Bachelor's degree in Biology and received his Chiropractic degree in 1994 from Life West in San Lorenzo, California. Dr. Zohrabian is a member of the Washington State Chiropractic Association and is Board Certified with American Board of Disability Analysis.

Dr. Zohrabian uses a variety of chiropractic techniques to customize treatments for each patient. From Very light force instrument assisted technique, best suited for children and elderly, to the hands on manual techniques for which chiropractic is so famous.

He is a practicing martial artist; he has been studying the Korean style of Tae Kwon Do for the past twelve years and holds a second-degree black belt. Practicing meditation, yoga, Qi Gong and other forms of martial arts are a part of his daily routine. In addition to his chiropractic, he incorporates the exercises he has learned into his treatment protocols to help his patients recover quickly.

He utilizes the most advanced chiropractic equipment to deliver the correction as smoothly as possible and believes strongly in a multidisciplinary approach and in getting the patients to take an active role in their own health.

Dr. Zohrabian welcomes you to contact him via email. [email protected]